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  • Moving forward on civic engagement with CAAM

    At Applications for Good we are proud to support other agencies as they help people thrive in diverse circumstances of life.  We understand that media plays a vital role informing, inspiring and educating people to make positive change.  To this end we co-authored a Challenge Brief withCenter for Asian American Media to develop a mobile engagement app that will accompany ... more
  • New gaming academy partners with us to make games for good

    If you believe games and social gaming may have a hand to play in the building a better tomorrow, the “The Games Academy”  may be the place for you.  Offered by Papaya Mobile and hosted at Parisoma in San Francisco, this  three-month accelerated program for game developers is looking to create the next top-grossing social game ... more
  • Bee Local on Your Desktop

    A few weeks back we announced One Economy’s beelocal app. It is now available for the desktop. Like Yelp, it searches for nearby places and allows you to rate them. But beelocal is specific to public and private services that help low income people ... more
  • Teach STEM to the under-represented

    We aim to increase the number of historically underrepresented students who are motivated and prepared academically to pursue degrees leading to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). ... more
  • Helping People Find Places That Accept foodstamps

    SnapFresh.org is a free sms-based app that helps food stamp recipients find healthy places that accept SNAP (food stamps). Most recipients have money in their accounts, but many are embarrassed to go to farmers markets and nice stores and ask if they accept SNAP. ... more