Acai Berry Health Advantages for Senior Citizens

1. Reduced probability of cancer

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate all the cancerous cells just by eating a particular fruit, still acai berries pack numerous vital nutrients which help minimize the odds of cancer in elderly folks. Along with vitamin C, acai berries also include a phytochemical which eliminates tumor-causing cells prior to their multiplication. Also called as antioxidants, the phytochemicals reduce the probability of numerous age-associated ailments, which includes type 2 diabetes, heart disease, along with other cancer types.

2. Enhanced cardiovascular strength

Increased cholesterol levels tend to negatively affect the health and well-being of seniors causing conditions like heart ailments and strokes. Acai berries contain an adequate amount of sterols that help break apart the cases of blood clotting, and boost the circulation in your body. Seniors wanting to boost their cardiovascular strength are recommended to add sliced acai berries into fruit bowls, smoothies, and salads.

3. Reduced level of bad cholesterol

Similar to red wine, acai berry too contains anthocyanin – type of antioxidant which helps your body get rid of the harmful free radicals which negatively affect the functioning of arteries and veins. A research that was conducted a few years ago revealed people who regularly consumed vibrant berries were greatly able to reduce the risks of heart disease and other major ailments common in older adults.

4. Anti-aging effects

Among the major reasons of age-associated blemishes is oxidative stress which occurs whenever your body is no longer able to battle off free radicals. Although the blemishes may not appear more than a cosmetic problem, they may result in major medical disorders. Senior citizens who aren;t able to properly look after their skin, nails and hair often experience issues like psoriasis, damage to nerve cells and rashes.

5. Fewer issues related to the digestive tract

Various medications and disorders negatively affect the digestive mechanism of seniors and lead to issues such as diarrhea & constipation. Eating sufficient amount of fiber can help minimize the discomfort whilst promoting smooth bowel movement. A 100g of acai powder contains around 14g of fiber. This is almost 50 percent of the amount of fiber that seniors require on a daily basis. Acai powder further adds excellent flavor to numerous dishes such as pudding, oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, etc.

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