Chemistry Lite (Keys)

Chemistry Lite (Keys)



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Chem Lite (Keys) combines a variety of mini-games with an addictive learning style that pits man versus machine. Find out who’s smarter with this app as you compete against the search bots of the world to find answers. Guess the answer to the question to earn points and learn fun facts. Check out the clever clues left by the robots to determine the answer. Beat the five minute timer as you race against the clock to score points in this educational trivia game app.

Choose to learn from a variety of topics including polarity, intermolecular forces, methods, hydrogen, and more. This collection includes over 500 terms and numerous ways to learn while having fun with this trivia game. All of the images presented in this app are displayed using Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.

Guess mode is where you go head-to-head against the search engine giants of the world. Your goal is to guess as many chemistry search terms as possible in 300 seconds. Images are displayed in quick bursts, changing every few seconds. You can choose to view Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results alone or all at once. A clue is presented as well to give you a hint as to what the term is. Letters will slowly fill in until you can use the clue and the images that cycle through to type in the correct term.

Select Show and Learn and you are presented with a slideshow of images along with a definition for the current term. Spin mode treats you to a casino-style game of slots where the images are based off of search results for the current term. The Match game takes images for the current word and puts a custom-made memory game on your phone. From the Lewis dot formula to London forces, this app provides a variety of terms to expand your knowledge in the field of chemistry.