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The stock market can be an invaluable tool for investing for your financial future. Although, it can be very intimidating initially. Prisma Quotes helps you simplify this process by giving tools to help you monitor your stocks


Key features:
* Real-time updating of security quotes – You can choose among several quote providers for each quote, including Bloomberg, Google Finance and Yahoo! Finance. All of these services have their strengths and weaknesses with market coverage, charting tools and personal portfolios, so why choose between them?
* Easy access to interactive charts – Just click the quote and it will display the chart!
* Alert conditions – Set an alert condition (i.e. “>5″ means “alert me when the price is greater than 5″) and you’ll be notified when a security’s price meets that condition.
* Embed quote information in pages – For those who always want their quotes visible, turn this option on and quotes will float in the top right corner of web pages as though the popup window were always on.
* Sync across computers (experimental) – Multiple computers? If you have bookmark syncing enabled in Chrome, you can turn this on and make sure all settings are synced across your machines.
* Track portfolio performance – Enter the price per share and the number of shares in the options page, and you can see how your portfolio has performed for the day and in total.
* Multiple portfolios – Create as many portfolios as you’d like!

To add your own ticker symbols, just visit the options page (accessible via both the right-click menu and the popup window). Instructions are there, although it mostly just involves you typing a ticker symbol and selecting the quote service you wish to use. You can also edit which metrics you want to see in the columns displayed, as well as the update frequency.