Arthur Grau IV

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Motivated by a belief that better communication and better collaboration will move us healthily through the challenges at hand.

My Super Powers:

Rubberband Flexibility, BS X-Ray Vision, Design Mind, Cooperation Expert

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  • Learning and growing in a digital age #digitallearning

    September 21, 2010

    Julius Jenakowski: Citing that we are at a pivotal era in history, and in the US government a forward looking time when we can invest in learning, child safety, and technology with learning. FCC is announcing the launch of their parent website.   Applauds Common Sense Media for “Believes broadband is creating new educational, ... more
  • Learning in a Digital Age

    Second Panel:  Learning in a digital age, conference. Moderator:  Wendy Lazarus, Founder Co-President, The Children’s Partnership Sara DeWitt: VP, PBS Kids Interactive Mandeep Dhillon: CEO. Togetherville Marian Merritt: Internet Safety Advocate, Symantec Joe Sullivan: CSO Facebook Catherine Teitelbaum: Director of Child Safety and Product Policy, Yahoo! What’s now/new in the digital spaces? It’s social, we ... more
  • Internet usage by GDP

    Here is an amazingly simple set of graphs that showing a comparison between gdp and connectivity….  Nicely done ... more
  • Chrome developers meet up

    Chrome Developers Meetup Attending the Santa Clara meetup for the Google Chrome Web Store Marketplace. Of 50+ people there is one woman. All web apps developed for chrome browser will be native when chrome OS is released. A paid model allows developers to create apps for purchase. App creators will be able to create their ... more
  • Project Noah App

    September 16, 2010

    Aneesh Chopra, White House Chief Technology Officer, presented the $50,000 Breakthroughs in Mobile Learning award to the team from Networked Organisms and Habitats (NOAH). Their product helps children (and adults) use science and technology skills as they learn about local wildlife and contribute to a network of organizations working to catalog and preserve our planet’s ... more
  • Tax Credit Calculator

    September 15, 2010

    MyTaxBack is delivered to users by the Social Innovation Lab. Building on the success of, it will put more money in pockets of many low income people who are unaware of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Of eligible taxpayers, 20% do not file their taxes, thereby missing out on an average $1500 credit. ... more
  • Point shoot deposit

    August 20, 2010

    ... more
  • K-factor and the new Madison Avenue

    August 16, 2010

    A few weeks back while indulging in an episode of Mad Men (AMC’s series about Madison Avenue advertisers in the 1960′s) I started to wonder how the advertising theory born there relates to game theory as is now being born in the labs and bedrooms of game and app designers around the world.  On a ... more
  • Increasing access the financial mainstream

    August 14, 2010

    Banked vs. Unbanked Jose Cisneros SF city treasurer speaking about the banked vs the unbanked at the Craigslist Bootcamp at Berkeley.  “City partnered with 3/4′s of the banks in SF to agree to set affordable bank accounts through “Bank on San Francisco”.  There were 70k unbanked people. The population of SF is 700,000+-.  Story of ... more
  • If I ran the world

    Cindy Gallup speaking on her web portal “If we ran the world”. Different from other cause websites that bombard you with causes, problems, while her site starts with one simple question. The site leverages competitive collaboration in a game like process. ... more

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