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Jun 18th, 2011 | by Le Roger | 0 Comments

In my previous post, I talked about Google’s new escapade in to the world of cloud computing. But today (14/2) I got a chance to play with the actual Cr-48 laptop my self, curtsy of my fellow co-worker Stephanie whom’s boy  friend works for Google. I can say, from my pref first impression, that i am both impress and underwhelmed. Though i didn’t have a chance to see what everything the Cr-48 had to offer, i had enough time to get the jest of it.

My first impression was how sleek the the laptop looked as well as the nice matted feel of the laptop. Like advertised it boots in seconds flat, and you can easily get on to the web and to your favorite pro-active applications website in about 8 seconds flat. Equally impressive its shut down time, so you can turn on and get the full uncompromised  Internet in seconds flat, then jump off and get out just as fast.

All is not well and dandy, though it does get on the internet fast, i was unimpressed by its over all power. I wasn’t sure if it was the hardware or software that was causing the problem. it could just be running an unoptimized version of flash. Its perfectly fine for most of the web, streaming standard definition Videos on Youtube and playing small flash games, but when it comes to 720p and 1080p it barely runs, again its not a finalize version and honestly they’re are many other on the market netbooks that can’t accomplish that task ether. My hope was that if you cut everything down to its near basics it would help with over all performance.

Again I didn’t get that much time to look at it, and its still not a complete product, so you still have to take it with a grain of salt. Maybe after Google optimize the OS it’ll stream HD video but as of right now, not so much.

Oh, and i was also impressed with its 53Wh battery.

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