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Mobile Media Tool Kit published from Mobileactive.org

08.24.2011 by Le Roger | 0 Comments

Technology can be liberating. With today’s mobile phones, we are no longer limited to our former constraints, no longer do we have to wait for our pirated version of Windows 95 to finish loading, or hoard compact disks of AOL’s 100 hour trials. The sound of our 3 ton desktops chatting away, hogging up your phone lines (which sorta sounds like this “eeeeeee wwwooooo ti ti ti wwoo weeeeee”, but with more static) are now a thing of our pass. Staying connected on the web nowadays is as simple as a swipe of the fingers. Like witchcraft we’re able to summon the web on demand. If King Arthur had a smart phone, he would Google map “The Holy Grail” then opted to stream Monty Python films from his Netflix account instead.

Technology has done the same to journalism as well. With the advent of  smarter, faster devices with longer battery life, a journalist, mobile camera crew, and editing truck can fit neatly inside their back pockets — and without the need of an industrial compactor, which can be quite messy. With such inexpensive (a few hundred compared to a few thousand) devices so widely available, anyone can now become a journalist.

All the equipment you need is right in your phone; you can type, record audio and video, and also publish your articles while doing 80 mph on Highway 101 (though I don’t recommend doing so). Mobile Media Kit published by our friends at mobileactive.org helps you do exactly that. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you report on events as they are happening. Mobile Media Kit is a compilation of some of these tools that help make citizen reporting more interesting and professional. It lets people with firsthand accounts tell the story they want to tell, without any rephrasing or reinterpretation.

If you haven’t clicked on the hyperlink check them out below



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