Proud to support TechCentral SF and military veterans

02.22.2012 by Arthur Grau IV | 0 Comments
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As part of our regular outreach to the Bay Area developer community, we are happy to support and promote Tech Central SF and their work to bring new media skills to military veterans.  This work directly supports our goal to help people get quality jobs.

The objective of the event is to support returning Bay Area veterans, through education, re-integration and by connecting them with the tech ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In this two-day event Teams of approximately 5-10 people will be formed with a variety of skills. Veterans can have the idea, help with business plan, marketing or just sit in to audit/participate for educational purposes – vet coding skills are NOT required – however developers from the tech community are encouraged to attend!

Check it out!  Eventbrite 

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