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  • Blog | Congratulations to our Winners

    06.14.2011 by Arthur Grau IV | 0 Comments
    Contest Announcement |    Sponsors |    Judges |    Entries |   Official Rules …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….   Grand Prize AND popular choice awarded to: Remas: Enabling immigrants to save on money transfer fees, access the financial mainstream, and increase opportunities for themselves and their communities here and abroad.   The Health Prize awarded to: SnapFresh: SMS food ... more
  • Project | edRover

    05.13.2011 by ddxmedia | 0 Comments
    Our idea: edRover is a location-aware mobile app that makes school fundraising fun while helping drive the local economy. edRover allows parents, students and educators to find nearby businesses that offer funds for school supplies and special benefits to the user just for checking-in to sponsored locations. Users can also shop through the app to ... more
  • Project | TalkChalk

    04.21.2011 by [email protected] | 1 Comment
    Our idea: TalkChalk is an idea that we see as the first step in truly integrating education with social media. TalkChalk connects learners by enabling safe communication between teachers, students, and parents via Facebook, e-mail, and SMS. The idea for TalkChalk came about when our co-Founder, Dave Simnick, was thinking about the problems that he ... more
  • Project | Nine, health education and teens

    02.07.2011 by Dominic Bannister | 0 Comments
    With over 750,000 teen pregnancies annually in the United States, nearly a third of them not carried to term, Nine – a contemporary and courageous new scripted series produced by the Public Internet Channel will examine the all too real consequences of this life changing phenomenon from a teen father’s point of view. Along ... more
  • Idea | “Showing Up” The Perfect Attendance App

    02.03.2011 by melaraj | 3 Comments
    Use RFID to create a time-saving attendance monitoring system. At the same time, include ways to further involved parents in their childrens’ education. ... more
  • Blog | STEM Challenge Voting is Starting!

    01.20.2011 by rmalhotra | 0 Comments
    The Cooney Center’s STEM Challenge voting is officially under way! Today, the STEM Challenge released its list of contenders for the top prize in the contest and YOU get to choose who wins. The STEM Challenge, run by the Cooney Center, seeks to inspire interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math amongst young people by ... more
  • App | MyPrePal

    12.07.2010 by Serete Itebete | 0 Comments
    A mobile game that lets you practice the latest SAT® and PSAT® test prep techniques by comprehensively guiding you through the step-by-step process of solving questions. ... more
  • App | College Search

    12.07.2010 by Serete Itebete | 0 Comments
    A shakable app that helps you find a school for you based on location, topic of study, and price. It gives you updated information about 4,000 four- and two-year colleges and scholarship information. ... more
  • Blog | Ah, to be a sixth-grader again…

    09.21.2010 by Mark Murphy | 0 Comments
    Could a student complete a course of study entirely within a video game — perhaps one that she helped design herself? Games easily induce the state of flow so critical for high mental performance. And kids certainly don’t need bribing to play. If a child works through all the problems at different levels of a ... more
  • Blog | Happiness, health, and prosperity- on a smart phone?

    08.18.2010 by Jess Haswell | 0 Comments
    There are currently over 160,000 apps available on the iphone and android combined, not to mention all of the other smart phones.  What free apps are essential to the basics–happiness, health, education, career, housing and prosperity? Happiness Maximize Your Happiness There are not many apps on the market yet that claim to help you reach ... more
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