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Interview Prep

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Walk in to your next job interview feeling confident and well-prepared with Interview Prep, an in-depth study aid created by career management experts. Interview Prep systematically walks you through many commonly asked interview questions, and includes interview strategies, suggested answers, and tips on things to avoid.

With Interview Prep you can record customized answers, allowing you to quickly and comprehensively rehearse in an efficient, structured manner. For a quick mobile refresher just prior to your interview, try the practice / rehearsal mode – an excellent way to stay sharp as your appointment approaches.

Interview Prep includes in-depth advice on telephone screens, proper attire, interview etiquette, and more. Other helpful features are random question ordering to better simulate a dynamic interview environment, and favorites, allowing you to focus on the most challenging questions that apply to your particular situation.

Product Features

  • Practice answering common interview questions
  • Record customized answers
  • Review tips on interview strategies, attire, and etiquette
  • Brush up quickly with Practice/Rehearsal mode
  • Answer questions in random order


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