mHealth and the underserved, market gap perspective

07.25.2011 by Aliza | 1 Comment

We recently had the opportunity to work with Detecon Consulting to produce a detailed study of the mHealth market as it exists and where there were gaps that needed to be filled.  Aliza Gutman and Rajat Mukherjee surveyed thousands of apps and conducted detailed testing of over 75 health apps that could be aimed at the underserved.

Together during a developer meet up at our SF offices we came up with some next steps.  We will be extending our work to:

  • Bring platforms together with developers specific to health apps
  • Grow relationships with our corporate partners to offer bonuses and incentives attached to apps
  • Explore new partners from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries to fund and promote apps
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  1. suzanne says:

    This is a great slideshow about where the needs are….

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