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We aim to increase the number of historically underrepresented students who are motivated and prepared academically to pursue degrees leading to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related fields through K-12 supplemental education.
We have not had the resources or time to track the progress of our alumni.  It is a challenge for us because we want to measure the impact of our programs and connect our alumni with current students for business opportunities and mentoring. The Challenge is to establish a network and create a sense of community among the alumni group. This would: define the talent pipeline of DAPCEP alumni into the workforce,  reveal opportunities and inspire current students. This app will also help with outcome tracking, allowing us to present a full picture to our funders. Ideally we will be able to clearly demonstrate that we know where our alumni are in the community, what they have gone on to do. We hope the network will reveal hot spots of alumni activity, identify potential mentors and ensure a pipeline of talent that will allow us to scale our impact.

Success =

Short term: Accumulation of data has begun and we are able to start developing a broad picture of alumni data. Exponential utilization of application with alumni and current students thinking it’s “cool”

Mid term: Alumni start reaching back to DAPCEP to participate as volunteers, mentors or donors. Communication begins to open among alumni and current students.  The application is actively used to “check in” at various networking events and DAPCEP events.

Long term: The application becomes a replicated model for various alumni groups. Over 100,000 DAPCEP users of the application.  Alumni and current students report back on opportunities presented because of their use of the application.  Outcome data is comprehensive and programs are retooled accordingly to strengthen impact

About Us:

1. Target Audience: Alumni – Focus on alumni to collect data about their careers (program outcome data); to map where they are in the country; and to connect them with current students to establish a strong DAPCEP network. Typically:
  • Between the ages of 18 and 45
  • College educated
  • Living in major urban centers, a large community stays in Detroit
  • Feel like DAPCEP changed their lives and have strong emotional connection to DAPCEP
  • Social media savvy and active users of social networks
  • Users of Smartphones

2. Target Audience: Current Students – Focus on current students to start engagement process in using the DAPCEP application so they can connect with alumni to find out about opportunities and career options. Typically:

  • 50% female
  • Most are in grades 4-9 (ages 9-14)
  • 4,000 students participate in programming annually
  • 75% are city of Detroit residents
  • Very active on social media
  • Familiar with technology utilization
  • Own or have access to a computer
  • 30-40% qualify for free or reduced lunch (social services)
  • Majority are from single parent households
  • They are active on Facebook
  • Some use Smartphones, most have at least a phone with texting plan

User Story


Eleven year old Amiya Alexander, a graduate of DAPCEP’s K-3 program, is making waves in Detroit and receiving national media attention for her business, Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy. The business, which Amiya started two years ago (when she was just 9 years old) is an effort to fight childhood obesity through dance. Amiya’s ultimate goal is to attend Harvard Medical School and become an obstetrician, and running her own business will help her achieve that goal. DAPCEP introduces young children to career opportunities and stresses the importance of academic achievement and goal oriented processes. DAPCEP not only focuses on STEM subjects, but on entrepreneurship and business model development. Older students develop business plans in DAPCEP courses; however, Amiya is an exceptional example of the capacities of our K-3 students.

Resources & Assets

We help over 1500 students per day of programming, year-round Large geographic reach - students come from all over Southeast Michigan We provide a curriculum of training and mentoring to increase digital literacy We partner with 8 universities, over 40 public schools and numerous, large corporations to offer advanced programming We engage over 4,000 students annually Over 150,000 alumni

What's Still Needed

Geo-locative and mapping, Smartphone , Web based, Integrated with existing social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare), Centralized database of all participants – collect data on all users

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