Partner Workbook

For Applications for Good  community, social service and government partners.


We are asking that you help us create Challenge Briefs to be  used as launch points to gather the troops and create application solutions for web, mobile, sms and gaming devices.

We invite you to join us to explore how technology can impact your constituents and your work. We hope together we can create new solutions and ensure long term engagement and  meaningful change through the use of emerging technology.  We convene a community of technologists who build applications (apps) for people in need.  To ensure developers produce relevant tools, we are enlisting stakeholders like you from NGO’s governments, entrepreneurial and faith-based groups, who are immersed in the challenges of people in need.

If you are new to the process and want to learn more. Contact Us.

Through this partnership you will:

  • Gather a detailed understanding of the technology needs of your community and organization
  • Get support in drafting a targeted Application Development Challenge Brief for developers to offer you pro-bono or contract services
  • Get your app challenges and app ideas published to developer forums
  • Develop critical understanding and language to fundraise for technology solutions
  • Accompany you through an app production and testing process (Levels III-V only)

Through this partnership we will:

  • Centralize and group  the challenges of multiple stakeholders to be easily apprehended by technologists and funders.
  • Identify common challenges you and other service organizations may share and seek solutions
  • Pool resources and identify additional engagement and funding to scale shared solutions
  • Convene developer groups to work on new products. (Level III, IV and V only)

Our Community Partner engagement is broken into sections – from understanding needs and briefing, through outreach and development, to implementation.  We encourage you to participate in the entire semester process that can last 12 to 24 weeks.  Even if you can only commit to the first portion (developing a brief), each level will benefit your organization as we return recommendations and help you make connections at each step.

1. (2 wks) Engage: Stakeholder Outreach and Partnership Development.
2. (2 wks) Brief: Clearly define challenges, opportunities, resources and gaps.
3. (2 wks) Design: Create viable solution ideas via partners, code events, etc.
4. (12 wks) Build: Design solutions, recruit beta solution builders.
5. (4 wks) Share: User testing, results publication,raise full solution funds.
6. (2 wks) Scale: Publish process and solutions, share with the world.


Contents:   Engage   |   Challenge Brief   |   Prototype   |   Build   |   Implement   |   Scale

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