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  • Blog | Bee Local on Your Desktop

    11.15.2011 by aaninag | 0 Comments
    A few weeks back we announced One Economy’s beelocal app. It is now available for the desktop. Like Yelp, it searches for nearby places and allows you to rate them. But beelocal is specific to public and private services that help low income people ... more
  • App | Run Keeper

    08.16.2011 by Le Roger | 0 Comments
    Track, measure, and improve your fitness. RunKeeper uses GPS to track your fitness activities, including     distance, time, pace, calories, heart rate, and path traveled on a map. RunKeeper also provides audio cues, customized interval workouts, manual entry for treadmill and other cardio equipment, integrated RunKeeper FitnessClasses and no advertising. For more information on ... more
  • App | Bee Local

    06.14.2011 by Arthur Grau IV | 0 Comments
    We are all busy bees, trying to find the easiest ways to go about our lives.  The BeeLocal app makes it simple for you to search for any type of public services within wherever you are connected.  Whether it is from a phone browser or a personal computer, the BeeLocal app is simple.  Through the ... more
  • App | SBA

    06.06.2011 by jvore | 0 Comments
    Starting a new business or need help taking your business to the next level? Use the SBA app to find Small Business Administration-affiliated advisers near you and get free, personal, one-on-one help with starting and growing your business. You can also use the app to calculate your starting costs so you know what it is ... more
  • App | EyeNote

    06.06.2011 by jvore | 0 Comments
    EyeNote is a mobile device application to denominate Federal Reserve Notes (U.S. paper currency) as an aid for the blind or visually impaired to increase accessibility. Using EyeNote, a user can have the denomination of a note scanned and communicated back to the user. EyeNote works on the iPhone 3G and 3Gs, the iPhone 4, ... more
  • Project | Helping People Find Places That Accept foodstamps

    05.16.2011 by Ysiad Ferreiras | 3 Comments is a free sms-based app that helps food stamp recipients find healthy places that accept SNAP (food stamps). Most recipients have money in their accounts, but many are embarrassed to go to farmers markets and nice stores and ask if they accept SNAP. ... more
  • Project | Dano Pirate & The Numbers

    05.16.2011 by Nick Robert | 0 Comments
    Our idea: We’ve developed an App that teaches young children to count from 1 to 9. Strong educational foundations are necessary for academic success and young age is obviously the time when kids build them. Despite their best efforts, many families often lack the time to do that teaching themselves. Some may believe that their ... more
  • Project | Goodwill Partnership Matrix Mobile App

    05.16.2011 by SF Goodwill | 0 Comments
    Our idea: At Goodwill, we create solutions to poverty through the businesses we operate. In addition to being a network of re-used good retail stores, we offer a number of comprehensive resources that provide employment opportunities, job trainings, a number of social services – even programs to help youth from underserved communities reach their true ... more
  • Project | FAFSA Process Simplified: Granting Access to All

    05.15.2011 by lord_ernesto | 0 Comments
    Our idea: For our sustainable business MBA class, we decide to build application for FAFSA. Our business plan will primarily focus on increasing access to Federal Student Aid for low-income young adults in the United States. Our plan is to simplify the student financial aid application process and increase accessibility by offering an alternative to ... more
  • Project | Evolving TagSpace as an Approximation of Cognospace

    05.15.2011 by wagle | 0 Comments
    Our idea: Evolving TagSpace as an Approximation of Cognospace In March 2003, after a long career as a problem solver, something happened to my brain. I can no longer solve new problems without getting very confused. I can talk about solving problems all I want. I now solve new problems by describing to the computer ... more
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