The Build

Goal:Bring application developers, funders and stakeholders together to get your solution built.Outcomes:You engage in the recruitment process with A4G, our advisory, One Economy and partners. An application solution is built based on your specifications.Commitment: At least 20 hours over 12 weeks, or more.

Deliverable 4:

Getting our applications built is the most challenging part of our work together.  It takes sustained and focused energy from your staff and the developers and designers who have taken to work with us.  The following are suggested avenues for getting your app built.  We are here to support any or all of these methods.  Different methods work in different scenarios.

  • Continue to check in on your Solution at A4G and whenever anyone signs up to work with you, greet them personally via email and be available to answer questions.
  • Attend A4G contest or summit to promote production of your app.  We will do our best to have at least one contest per year with additional summits and partnerships.
  • Attach a paid contract from your technology budget to your solution.  Even if you only have enough for a partial solution, often contracts to work are an incentive and will get enough functionality built that you have something to use and test.
  • Start or join an Applications for Good meetup group in your area to build your team to begin production on your app and to commit to production testing and iteration during the build process.
  • Present your solution concept to local university computer science department, design or trade school to build you application as part of a capstone or graduate project.
  • Present your solution concept to local tech businesses to request pro-bono services.
  • Convene with other partners who want to build a similar app and join a Solution cohort as identified by A4G to write funding proposal together.
  • Build a money earning business proposition around your solution idea.
  • Contact the producers of an existing product that may have many of the features you want in your app and request a partnership.
  • Draft an actual app production budget.

Contents:   Engage   |   Challenge Brief   |   Prototype   |   Build   |   Implement   |   Scale


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